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Gordon Lindsay Reid

Written on May 12th 2015

On May 9th, 2015, I decided to go to Woodlawn Cemetery to pay my respects to Cornwall's House of Refuge inmates that are scattered around the cemetery. On the right hand side of the cemetery, there are very few stones, but there were a lot of burials. This was the section dedicated to the poor. Sometimes bodies were buried on top of each other in the same plot. Sometimes, these bodies were even buried without caskets. Families could not afford anything more.

While I was walking through this section of the cemetery, a small stone stood out on the left hand side, near the walk way. I walked over to it, knelt down, and brushed off the grass and leaves. I read the tombstone within seconds, because it is small and to the point.

I almost cried. I repeated this outloud for a full minute: "He was fifteen, he was fifteen, he was fifteen..." I continued on my quest to find Cornwall's House of Refuge inmates, but even days later, I could not shake the memory of Gordon from my mind. When this happens, I know it's time to research.

Gordon Lindsay Reid was born in 1913, to proud parents Miford and Agnes Reid. He would be their third child.

Gordon, his parents, and his five brothers and sisters, lived in the township of Mountain. In May 1928, the family would relocate and move to Cornwall. This is six months before Milford and Agnes would lose their fifteen year old son.

On November 14th 1928, Gordon Lindsay Reid would pass away from Scarlet Fever, an illness he had been suffering with for four days. His small body could no longer fight the infection. Most likely having been home in bed, it is no surprise that it was his father, Milford, that found his body.

Gordon was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, on November 15 1928. The tombstone posted above looks far too new to have been purchased in the early 1920's. This means a relative probably purchased this stone for him, years later. I'm hoping this person is still around to visit Gordon's final resting place, but even if they aren't, I will always include Gordon in my list of people to visit when I'm at the cemetery.

Gordon's Death Certificate:

1921 Census (Name, Age.)
This lists Gordon's parents and siblings, which is why I included it.
Milford Reid 37
Agnes Reid 36
Robert Reid 12
Beatrice Reid 10
Gordon Reid 8
Muriel Reid 6
James Reid 5
Mildred Reid 3