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The Graffiti at Gordon's Jewelers

One afternoon, I received an email asking if I would like to check out historic graffiti from the 19th century. My imagination got the best of me, I decided I needed to check it out. The graffiti was located in the basement of Gordon Jewellers, at 13 Second Street West. This building once housed a Cornwall newspaper: “the Standard”. (This is before the Standard was merged with the Freeholder, creating the Standard Freeholder we know today). I was astonished to see that the graffiti was over 100 years old.  

The graffiti I came to see was printed on the walls of an old bathroom stall. Each board of the stall contained inscriptions. Several people wrote their names, some even included the date. Some messages included their employment start and end dates, while others included passages of upcoming events.       

Looking at these inscriptions, I realized how different life was at the turn of the 20th century. The messages speak of local fairs and boxing matches, which seemed to thrill the daily lives of the writers.

Three inscriptions that stood out to me were:

—Cornwall Fair, September 8th, 9th, 10th – 1911.
—The Skating Rink is opening December 30th 1918.
—July 4th 1910 “Jeffries out in the 15th round”. 

Noticing the statement "out in the 15th round", I believed this to be a boxing reference since that was the most popular sport around that time. I decided to search the internet for more information on the fight. I ended up discovering a youtube video that would give me a history experience I would never forget. I clicked on video footage of the actual fight these gentlemen listened to, and I did the same. I felt like I was literally bonding with the dead. 

To see the July 4th 1910 fight the Standard employee's were hyped over, click the video below.

Inscriptions were written by:

Battista, Domenic.
Battista, Nico.
Bergeron, Leonard.
Borris, James.
Bradley, Vincient.
Caron, Arthur.
Davidson, Jack.
Donald, RJ M.
Dunlop, Jack.
Grassley, Vincent.
Grossley, John.
Fetterly, Wilson.
Haggart, C.  /  Haggart, "Slugger" Carson.
(Two separate entries - Most likely the same person.)
Hart, C.
Hartle, L.  /  Hartle, Lloyd.
(Two separate entries - Most likely the same person.)
Hartle, Willie.

Kirkey, RJ.
Lafave, Jack.
Leroux, Rene.
MacDonald, Hamilton.
Miller, Israel.
Miller, J.
Norris, R.
Norris, W.
Parker, Arthur.
Perkins, James "The Mutt"
Perkins, Joseph.
Runions, Howard.
Simser, Fred.
Sudgon, Fred.
Temple, Paul.  /  De Temple, P.
(Two similar entries - Most likely the same person.)
Towers, Robert.