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Poor House Commemoration Day: April 14

I am petitioning the House of Commons in Parliament assembled, and I need your help.

I am asking you to help me honour Canadian citizens and Immigrants that lived or died in: an Asylum, a House of Refuge, or a Poor House facility in Canada.

In order for a petition to be considered, it needs at minimum, 500 signatures. The petition has 120 days to obtain that amount. This is where I turn to you. Please take a moment to SIGN this petition, and SHARE it. ANY CANADIAN CITIZEN can sign this petition.

The date I have chosen for this holiday is April 14 due to the “Act respecting the Mentally Incompetent Persons and their Estates” being passed in Alberta, in 1937. This Act sounds pleasant, because “respecting” is in the title, however, it was beyond demeaning. This Act marked a growing intrusion of the state into the lives of those they deemed “mentally incompetent or unfit.” Canadian citizens in an asylum were no longer allowed to manage their economic affairs. The government stripped these people of their own property. Nine years prior, the government of Alberta stripped their citizens of the ability to reproduce. This disgusting sterilization law was directed at “individuals living in designated state institutions deemed to have undesirable traits.”

It’s time to change history, and honour Canadian citizens that suffered at the hands of destitution.

Sign the petition HERE.